2012 – R v. MN
Client arrested for Assault and charges were rec­om­mended to Crown Coun­sel – Prior to charges being sworn, in meet­ings with the Crown we were able to per­suade them that the pub­lic inter­est did not require charges being sworn – Alter­na­tive Mea­sures mean­ing CLIENT NOT CHARGED WITH OFFENCE

2012 – R v. AG
Charge of Pos­ses­sion for the Pur­pose of traf­fick­ing Mar­i­juana – client and his friends were found in a park­ing lot out­side their col­lege with large bag of mar­i­juana and para­pher­na­lia com­monly asso­ci­ated with traf­fick­ing – Crown’s case on who pos­sessed the mar­i­juana chal­lenged at trial ACQUITTED

2012 – R v. KM
Charge of Fraud – client was alleged to have been involved in using fraud­u­lent credit cards – early guilty plea arranged Con­di­tional Dis­charge mean­ing NO CRIMINAL RECORD

2012 – R v. TD
Charges of Pro­duc­tion of Mar­i­juana and Pos­ses­sion for the Pur­pose of Traf­fick­ing – client was found in a mar­i­juana grow oper­a­tion with over 800 plants – police attended as a result of a 911 call to the res­i­dence – at trial we were able to estab­lish that my client had no part in the pro­duc­tion, and did not have knowl­edge or con­trol of the plants ACQUITTED

2012 – R v. AC
Charge of Assault against a for­mer spouse – client and his ex-partner have an alter­ca­tion when he is try­ing to visit his chil­dren – Client acknowl­edged wrong­do­ing, but not the assault – we arrange a PEACE BOND and nego­ti­ate the con­di­tions to allow access to the chil­dren NO CRIMINAL RECORD

2012 – R v. GM
Charges of Break and Enter and Assault Caus­ing Bod­ily Harm – Police alleged a home inva­sion sce­nario – Issues at the Pre­lim­i­nary Inquiry involved iden­tity of the perpetrator(s) and cred­i­bil­ity of the com­plainant – Crown sought a war­rant for a mate­r­ial wit­ness – after lengthy sub­mis­sions the war­rant was not granted STAY OF PROCEEDINGS ENTERED, CHARGES DROPPED

2012 – R v. AC
Charges of Traf­fick­ing in Cocaine via dial-a-dope – Client was involved in sell­ing drugs through cell phone orders – I advised him to enter a guilty plea at a rel­a­tively early oppor­tu­nity – At the sen­tenc­ing hear­ing, where the Crown sought a Jail sen­tence, his per­sonal cir­cum­stances were empha­sized to the court, along with the mit­i­gat­ing fac­tors NO JAIL, CONDITIONAL SENTENCE IMPOSED

2012 – R v. MS
Charge of Traf­fick­ing Cocaine – alle­ga­tion was that of a courier car­ry­ing two and one-half ounces of cocaine – Crown was seek­ing a jail sen­tence – at the sen­tenc­ing hear­ing his per­sonal cir­cum­stances and the mit­i­gat­ing fac­tors were empha­sized NO JAIL, CONDITIONAL SENTENCE IMPOSED

2012 – R v. PS
Charges of Fraud — client was alleged to have altered numer­ous credit cards for fraud­u­lent pur­chases – there was a prior related record – arrange for guilty plea to a sin­gle count of fraud, and empha­siz­ing the gap in the record and exten­sive mit­i­gat­ing cir­cum­stances NO JAIL, SUSPENDED SENTENCE

2012 – R v. LPF
Charges of Aggra­vated Assault, Unlaw­ful Con­fine­ment and Assault with a Weapon – client was impli­cated in the seri­ous assault of a drug dealer – through evi­dence at a pre­lim­i­nary inquiry and exten­sive plea nego­ti­a­tions we were able to enter a guilty plea to sim­ple assault – Con­di­tional Dis­charge mean­ing NO CRIMINAL RECORD

2012 – R v. PR
Client charged with Theft from Employer – alleged to have stolen cash at place of employ­ment – Client suf­fered from med­ical con­di­tions that sig­nif­i­cantly con­tributed to the offence  Con­di­tional Dis­charge mean­ing NO CRIMINAL RECORD

2012 – R v. BA
Client charged with seri­ous Assault – mat­ter pro­ceeded through pre­lim­i­nary inquiry to Supreme Court – STAY OF PROCEEDINGS ENTERED, CHARGES DROPPED

2011 – R v. SR
Charges of Assault with a Weapon and Utter­ing Threats – Police allege my client threat­ened the boyfriend of his younger sis­ter – client main­tains his inno­cence – At the trial the wit­ness’ cred­i­bil­ity is hurt through cross-examination – client tes­ti­fies and is believed – ACQUITTAL

2011 – R v. TG
Charges of Rob­bery and Assault Caus­ing Bod­ily Harm – Dis­pute arises in a park between young men in a local park – Vic­tim suf­fers bro­ken nose – Issues for trial were whether or not the fight was con­sen­sual, and whether or not an assault was com­mit­ted in the course of a rob­bery – con­vince Crown to pro­ceed by way of Sim­ple Assault – Client received Con­di­tional Dis­charge mean­ing NO CRIMINAL RECORD

2011 – R v. ND
Charges involved an alle­ga­tion Assault of a Spouse – There were seri­ous impli­ca­tions regard­ing the client’s immi­gra­tion sta­tus in Canada if there was a con­vic­tion – Cir­cum­stances of the inci­dent were fully can­vassed with the Crown and they were con­vinced that it was not in the pub­lic inter­est to pro­ceed  STAY OF PROCEEDINGS ENTERED, CHARGES DROPPED

2011 – R v. MG
Charge of Obstruct­ing Police – The Police alleged that my Client lied to them in order to pro­tect a friend from a crim­i­nal charge – Dis­cus­sions held with the Crown prior to trial, empha­siz­ing the weak­nesses in their case and the sym­pa­thetic cir­cum­stances of the Client STAY OF PROCEEDINGS ENTERED, CHARGES DROPPED

2011 – R v. SR
Charges of Theft, Mis­chief, and Pos­ses­sion of Stolen Prop­erty – client main­tained inno­cence – we chal­lenged the grounds of the arrest, intend­ing to argue that his Char­ter rights were vio­lated – client would have been removed from Canada if there were a con­vic­tion – at the trial, we demon­strated that the Police offi­cer struck him with a fore­arm imme­di­ately upon deten­tion – these actions were not doc­u­mented in the officer’s notes and were not objec­tively jus­ti­fi­able STAY OF PROCEEDINGS ENTERED, CHARGES DROPPED